Live tracking and alerting, anywhere in the world

Track your caravan, trailer or motorhome using the WiTi app when you have the WiTi GPS installed.

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How it works

WiTi has partnered with global leaders Quiktrak, and has integrated QuikProtect GPS Tracking and Alerting into WiTi Anti-Theft. This extends the functionality of WiTi Anti-Theft and provides mobile phone alerts via the WiTiGPS mobile app on Apple or Android if the alarm is triggered as well as real time tracking in the event of theft. 

  • The alarm is activated

    When WiTi Anti theft is triggered and the alarm runs for at least 10 seconds so you will be the first to know if someone is trying to steal your vehicle.

  • Your van power has been disconnected or power is low

    WiTi GPS will trigger a notification for low voltage where the battery voltage drops below 11.5V.

  • Leaves a Geolock

    Lock your caravan or motorhome to a point on a map. If it moves from that point WiTi will activate and send you an alert.

Why choose WiTi?

We're passionate about the outdoors, that is why we understand what you need in every one of our products!

Connected everywhere

WiTi GPS is supplied with a SIM and does not require connection to a third party network provider. The WiTi GPS is network independent and will operate wherever mobile phone signal is available irrespective of service provider.

We'll work with the police

In the unlikely event of theft the solution includes live tracking and recovery assistance where QuikTrak will work with the Police to assist with recovery of the caravan or trailer.

Lifetime product support

You can rest easy knowing that our lifetime product support means that we are committed to providing ongoing assistance and service for our products for as long as our customers need it.

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Service plans

WiTi GPS has two service plans that can be selected when registering your device, QProtect and Track. To complete registration you will require the IMEI number of the GPS unit. This is a unique identifier for your GPS. The number is located on the GPS unit which will be connected to the main wiring loom of your Anti-Theft System.

Option 1

WiTi QProtect

WiTi QProtect automatically checks and updates the location every 18 hours. This solution is designed for those travellers who tend to move and then stay in a place for a number of days before moving on again or for those users who have their caravan in storage for long periods of time where always on tracking is not a requirement. WiTi QProtect has a subscription fee of $49 AUD per year.

Option 2

WiTi Track

The Track service plan is the complete tracking solution and the most comprehensive, providing the greatest visibility to ensure your assets are productive secure and safe.

Track provides 24/7 coverage featuring location updates, driver behaviour, asset management & alarm notifications. You may also be eligible for a discount on your insurance if you use the Track service plan. WiTi Track has a subscription fee of $228 AUD per year.